Worry-Free Gardening with These 8 Plants

Renee Valdes
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Lavender in a windowbox planter.

It’s the peak of summer. When it’s too hot to garden, you’ll want to keep your greenery and blooms looking fresh with worry-free, easy-going plants.

These plants can handle a bit of neglect during the dog days of summer.

They won’t even mind when you take a vacation. So go ahead, plant them in the garden and in window boxes, pots, hanging baskets and urns.


Rio dipladenia looks beautiful in planters.

1. Dipladenias. Showy Rio dipladenias bring lots of color even in the hottest heat. No deadheading required. Just plant and watch them bloom. How easy is that! Pull them indoors and overwinter for returning color.



2. Sunflowers. Sunflowers and summer go together like bees and pollen. Drought-tolerant sunflowers grow almost anywhere your garden gets sun. About the only support these beauties need is plant support.


Geraniums do well in containers on your porch, deck or patio.

3. Geraniums. Whether in planters or in garden beds, geraniums require little fuss. Their colorful flowers attract butterflies. Find out more about geraniums.


Sedum is an easy growing succulent that needs little care.

4. Sedum. Sedum is an easy-growing succulent that needs little care or attention. Plant a tile of sedum as groundcover or use it as a spiller with a planter of heat-loving flowers.


Ornamental grasses need little water in your landscape.

5. Ornamental grasses. You won’t have to worry about ornamental grasses in your garden in summer. They’ll look feathery and light all season long, even during dry spells.


Rosemary planted in hellstrip garden

6. Rosemary. This robust herb is a fragrant and bushy plant that just needs well-drained soil. Rosemary works great in a hellstrip garden, or next to your mailbox.


Lavender for tea | The Home Depot's Garden Club

7. Lavender. With its fragrant perfume and pretty purple spikes, lavender is a garden showstopper. It’s also a resilient, low-maintenance herb you’ll want in your outdoor space.


Hosta in planters.

8. Hosta. Shade-loving hosta doesn’t need much and it will grow back year after year. Plant hosta in containers or in the ground and forget about them. Every few years, you can divide hosta for additional garden plants

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