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Winter Microgreens Grow Summer Flavor

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Winter microgreens grow summer flavor ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Seed racks are filling fast with fresh packets of seeds, including some you can plant right now. When grown indoors as winter microgreens, organic sweet corn, sunflower or pea seeds grow into super-nutritious morsels in only a week. Kids especially love growing microgreens as they can watch seed germination up close.

Be prepared for surprising flavors from these easy microgreens. Corn microgreens are sweet, sunflower greens have hints of roasted nuts, and pea leaves and tendrils bring asparagus-like flavors.

To be on the safe side, use only organic seeds for growing microgreens.

Grow Microgreens Now:

1. Select any container that holds an inch of soil. Drainage holes are not necessary because microgreens grow fast. You can use shallow coffee mugs, soup bowls or small baking pans.

2. Soak seeds in room temperature water for no more than eight hours before you plant them.

3. Moisten seed-starting mix, add 1 inch of mix to container and press lightly.

4. Arrange pre-soaked seeds so they are almost touching on the soil’s surface. Spray thoroughly with water.

5. Cover container with damp paper towel or newspaper to keep the seeds from drying out. Lift the cover daily and spray lightly with water until sprouting begins, which usually takes about three days.

6. Remove the cover when sprouting gets underway. Move microgreens to a sunny windowsill or another place that gets good light.

7. Harvest sunflower sprouts when three leaves appear by cutting at the soil line. Harvest corn sprouts as they turn from yellow to green. Pea microgreens can be harvested young, but they will still be tasty and tender if allowed to grow to several inches tall.


Try using microgreens in smoothies to boost the nutritional content without adding strong flavors.

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