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What’s New in Garden Hoses and Watering Accessories

Renee Valdes
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Garden hose cart with storage

A good, quality garden hose and a reliable watering can are two tools you simply can’t garden without. 

New innovations make watering so much easier, and help keep hoses from cracking and leaking. Save money on your water bill and conserve water with nozzles and watering devices designed to prevent wasted water. 

When equipped with the right watering tools, you’re ready for just about any gardening task. 

See What’s new in garden hoses and watering accessories:

Miracle Gro Hose

Garden hoses

Let’s face it, hoses take a beating. They’re exposed to all kinds of weather and depending on where you live, extremes of hot and cold. Gardeners want lightweight hoses that last and can be can be dragged around to the smallest corners of your outdoor space without a kink. 

Hoses range from vinyl to rubber or a combination of both. For more information, check out our guide on hoses

New for 2016, Miracle-Gro’s new UltraLite Flex (pictured above), and Goodyear’s Heavy Duty Flex hoses resist punctures and neatly fold into compact sizes. 


Hose nozzles

Hose Nozzles 

If your hose nozzles and sprayers do not fit comfortably in your hand, watering can be harder than it needs to be. Who wants hand fatigue!

Look for hose sprayers and nozzles that feature several settings to tackle all sorts of gardening needs. For hard-to-reach hanging plants, try watering wands. They work like magic getting water just where it needs to go.

If you need a sprayer for watering, try the new Orbit Pro Series Water Cannon. This sprayer features seven settings and a water pressure adjustment feature that works at low and high pressure to increase flow and spray distance.


Hose reel

Hose accessories and attachments

What a challenge it can be to water when your hose is tangled in a heap. Besides storing your hose, finding a way to get it from one point to another without kinking can be another challenge. Hose reels and hose storage, including the above rotating hanging reel, will help keep your hose organized.

For die-hard gardeners, the Liberty Garden hose cart lets you four-wheel around your outdoor space with the hose. Just wheel the cart up to the spigot, hook up the hose and go. It also has storage for gardening supplies you might need along the way, such as bulbs, gardening gloves or trowels. 


Orbit hose connector

For a quick fix for kinky hoses, try using connectors and fittings that help your hose twist around without losing pressure. The swiveling Swan is one such attachment. Screw it on to the water spigot or a nozzle, then walk around kink-free as it twists 180 or 360 degrees.

Increase your watering abilities by turning your one outdoor spigot into four! Spigot adapters, like the one pictured above, and other hose accessories make it easy to always have an available nozzle for the garden hose.


Watering can

For smaller, potted or indoor plants, don’t forget the simple option of using watering cans. Select a watering can that holds enough water for you to sufficiently water your plants, but not so much that it becomes too heavy to hold. And don’t forget the most important part – style! Watering cans today come a wide range of styles and colors so you can find one that matches your personality.

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