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Garden Club Quiz: What Your Indoor Plants Wish You Knew

Lynn Coulter
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indoor plants_SS_Yeko Photo Studio


Try our quiz on indoor plants, and watch for the answers next week!

1.  Many students have played music to coax plants to grow indoors at school science fairs. Based on their tests, what kind of music would a Lima bean prefer?

a.  Heavy metal, like anything by Guns and Roses

b.  Classical, like The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi

c.  Folk music, like Where Have All The Flowers Gone? by Peter, Paul, and Mary

d.  Rock, like Dandelion, by The Rolling Stones.


2. _______ is the worst thing you can do to your indoor plant.

Image: Shutterstock/Yeko Photo Studio

Last week’s answers were: 1. Saturn; 2. native; 3. amaryllis; 4. Thanksgiving; and 5. Advent. The holiday word was Santa.

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