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Welcome To The Good Seed: A Garden Blog

Lynn Coulter
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image via Shutterstock

Welcome to The Good Seed, a gardening blog!

Move that basket of tomatoes off the bench, so you can sit down. Feel the breeze? The birds have been singing all morning from the top of the fig tree, and I can’t think of a place I’d rather be, than where good things are growing.

Oh, sure. The gardening life isn’t always easy. Crabgrass makes us cranky, slugs slurp on our strawberries, and black spot on the roses can darken even the stoutest heart. Mother Nature can be tough, but hey—we’re tougher. We know that if we’re going to grow anything, we have to get our hands dirty, and gardening is worth the work.

image: Shutterstock

We garden because we love the Earth and everything that comes with it: fresh air and flowers, robins and new potatoes, roses and radishes and weeding till our muscles ache. We value peace and quiet, strong roots and rain, sunshine and toads and a hot compost pile. (Fresh squash and giant Dahlias don’t hurt, either.)

We Believe That Gardening Is Good

We believe that gardening is good for us. Actually, we believe that gardening is just plain good, and we’re going to explore all kinds of good gardening here, in this little spot of greenery in cyber-space.

We’re going to talk about how our neighbors and others are gardening for good, by planting community vegetable plots; educational or therapeutic gardens for schools and hospitals; and green spaces to revitalize run-down areas. We’ll explore good gardening practices, so we can become better-than-ever at what we do.

We’ll Plant A Row For The Hungry and grow peonies and peppers, shade trees and shrubs and seeds. If there are other subjects you’d like to talk about here, let me know, because we’re not just going to talk. We’re also going to listen, so we’ll discover what’s going on in lots of other gardens.

We Help Gardens Grow

Recently I visited Laine Kirby Wood, who manages a wonderful community garden in Canton, Georgia. Laine used a $9,000 grant from The Home Depot to launch her project, Canton Community Victory Garden East. She and her fellow gardeners broke ground (literally) on the garden this spring, and already their raised beds are sprouting with orange marigolds, bright purple petunias, and fragrant herbs like oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Bean tendrils are twining up trellises, and wooden tables sit in the deep shade of old oaks, waiting for gardeners to share sandwiches, watermelons, and advice at summer picnics.

Image: Lynn Coulter for THD. Laine Kirby Wood and Hank in their Canton, GA garden.

Community gardens aren’t just about flowers and food. They’re also about making friendships, eating better, exercising for good health, and teaching kids where their fruits and veggies come from. Everywhere you look, something good is growing.

Our motto is, “Gardeners are the homegrown tomatoes in the salad of life.” Please come back and visit again soon. We’re going to plant this spot with lots of good gardening stuff. Together, we’ll sow a virtual garden of ideas and projects and knowledge, and I’m sure we’ll grow something delicious.


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