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Make Leaf Removal a Weekly Activity

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours



Lawns need sunlight to survive. A layer of leaves left on the lawn for more than a week kills grass and causes bare spots. In fall, make leaf removal a weekly activity.  

Keep Lawns Healthy During Leaf Season:

  1. If the layer of leaves is thin, shred with a mulching mower. Bits of leaves filter through the grass and decompose at soil level. If the lawn is still growing, combine mowing and leaf shredding as one weekly activity.  
  2. If leaves are thick, either do a second pass or put a bagging attachment on the mower. When bag is full, dump the shredded leaves in a compost pile or use as mulch in a garden bed.  
  3. Or use a leaf blower or rake to move leaves to a natural area to decompose or into a pile to be bagged up later.  
  4. If you’re not composting, scoop into leaf bags and discard.  


Check with your local municipality to see if curbside pick-up and leaf composting is offered. You may be able to buy the finished compost when it’s time to start a new bed.  

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