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2 Easy Ways to Make Pretty Pumpkin Planters

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour



Learn how to make pumpkin planters ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Make easy pumpkin planters for a beautiful and simple way to decorate for fall. Pumpkin planters look amazing in your outdoor space or can be used as a festive centerpiece. You could also wait to carve them so they’re fresh for your Thanksgiving table and feast.

Pumpkin planters are so versatile. You could also try decorating for fall with pumpkin planters in a corner nook of your entryway, or by the hearth of your fireplace. 

make Pumpkin planters 2 different ways


Pumpkin planters make great fall decor ll The Home Depot Garden Club

For pumpkin planters packed full of colorful flowers, edibles and greenery spilling over, try carving several pumpkins and clustering them in a group with white ghost pumpkins and others of various sizes and shapes.

Fill your pumpkin planters with bright pansies, tiny English daisies, plus ornamental peppers, lettuce and Asiatic jasmine spilling over. Or try a dark purple cordyline, a perennial in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 8.

Pansies in pumpkin planters, as well as mums, also look beautiful by themselves.

For cooler regions, stick to plants that can take frosty nights, such as pansies, lettuce, flowering cabbage and kale.


Pumpkin planters with succulents ll The Home Depot Garden Club

For another option, try stuffing your pumpkin planters with long-lasting and easy care succulents.

The edges of many succulent leaves bring dramatic  tones of gray, rose and brown. Filling pumpkin planters with succulents is a great choice because you can replant them later for reuse elsewhere in your outdoor space or inside your home.

DIY Pumpkin Planters project details

Pumpkin planter supplies to create your DIY project ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Tools and Materials:


Trace a line around your pumpkin using a flowerpot for pumpkin planters

STEP 1: trace a line for pumpkin planters

Turn an 8-inch or larger flowerpot upside down and place over your large pumpkins. With a permanent marker, trace the bottom of the flowerpot where it meets the pumpkin.

This will be your cutting line for your pumpkin planters. Repeat the process on your other pumpkins for more planters.


Carve open the top of your pumpkin planter ll The Home Depot Garden Club

STEP 2: Carve pumpkin planters

With a knife or pumpkin carving kit, cut open your pumpkin planters. Use a soil scoop to remove the pulp and seeds of your pumpkins.


Place a plastic bag inside your pumpkin planters ll The Home Depot Garden Club

STEP 3: Place plastic bags inside pumpkin planters

Poke a few holes in plastic bags then place them inside your pumpkin planters. Having plastic liners in your pumpkin planters makes it easy to lift them out for watering.

It’s also convenient when the pumpkins begin to shrivel and wilt. Just remove your plastic bags, take out the plants and place them in flowerpots for extended beauty.

If you compost, just toss the wilting pumpkins in the compost bin to enrich your soil later.


Arrange flowers in pumpkin planters ll The Home Depot Garden Club

STEP 4: Plant flowers, greens or succulents in pumpkin planters

Now arrange your seasonal plants or succulents. For seasonal plants, try a mixture of pansies, English daisies, lettuce, ornamental peppers and a spiller, such as Asiatic jasmine. In this picture we used cordyline, a perennial in zones 9 and above. 


Pumpkin planters with flowering echeveria succulents ll The Home Depot Garden Club

If succulents are more your style, select several different varieties. We found an echeveria with tiny yellow blooms.

For a more decorative look for your fall decor, add decorative sheet moss and Spanish moss to your pumpkin planters.

Your pumpkin planters will last about two weeks if not in direct sunlight.

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