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Be Smart. Water with Container Drip Kits.

Home Depot
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Duration: 2 hours


Drainage drip kits

Conserving water is important, especially in drought-stricken areas. During the hottest days of summer, containers may need watering twice a day – a big chore if you have lots of pots. 

Save time and water by installing a simple drip watering system that delivers a small amount of water directly to a plant’s roots. Patio plant watering kits come with almost everything you need, are easy to install, simple to use, and save time and money. It’ll be the smartest thing you do for your plants this summer.

Install a Watering System for Containers:

  1. Choose a patio drip irrigation kit. One kit will usually water up to 10 containers.
  2. Assemble according to directions. Note: Connections fit together easier if you first dip the ends of the microtubing into very hot – but not boiling – water for a few seconds to soften the plastic.
  3. Use two or more emitters for containers more than 12” in diameter. The bigger the pot, the more emitters it needs.
  4. Time how long it takes the pots to become thoroughly moist.
  5. Program the automatic hose end timer so the system runs only as long as necessary.


Attach a shut-off Y valve to the outdoor faucet. This allows you to connect the drip irrigation system to one hose connection, and your regular garden hose to the other.

Product Checklist:

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