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Water-Wise Plant Choices

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours



Water-wise gardening begins with drought-tolerant plants. Plants suited or adapted to local conditions not only use less water, but generally grow more successfully with fewer insect and disease problems.

Ultimately, they create a healthier, more beautiful and more sustainable landscape. Even in locations where drought isn’t a problem, a low-water plant choice is perfect for an area that you don’t want to water regularly.  

There are many plant varieties to add to a water-wise landscape. They grow effortlessly in low-water conditions and bloom in an array of colors. Plus, these drought busters are easy-care plants.

Low-Water Plant Choices:  

  • Ornamental grasses and sedges. Many grasses and sedges are great drought-tolerant plants. They come in a wide range of sizes and growth patterns, from low-growing ‘All Gold’ to tall and stately ‘Cloud Nine.’
  • Sedums and other succulents. Due to their fleshy stems, sedums and other succulents are ideal choices for low-water gardens. Some aren’t hardy, though, so check their plant tag before placing sedums or succulents in the ground. You may want to grow them in a container instead and bring indoors to overwinter.
  • Salvias or sage. Native to dry areas, salvias tend to be long-lived and bloom in spite of difficult circumstances like drought and lean soil.
  • Agastaches. They don’t need much water to grow. In fact, they require extremely well-drained soil to perform their best. They attract pollinators, too.
  • Plants with silver or blue-gray foliage like Helichrysum, Artemisia and licorice plant reflect the light and hold moisture. These plants are also deer-resistant.

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