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Warm Up Container Gardens with 4 Flowers in Orange

Renee Valdes
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Fall containers with orange calibrachoa l The Home Depot Garden Club

Colorful flowers aren’t just for spring. You can also create drama in the garden in fall, especially with splashy shades of orange.

As the weather begins to transition, bring in eye-catching and easygoing orange saffron and cinnamon-colored flowers to spice up container gardens and increase curb appeal. While it’s easy to grab chrysanthemums, add some new and different choices to your fall go-to list.

Think planters and window boxes teeming with orange flowers that return year after year for time-saving scenes or annuals that you change out with the seasons and your decor.

To get you thinking, check out these ideas for showy oranges in the garden. 

Fall for Orange with these late season flowers:


Orange coneflower

1. Coneflowers

Plant fiery orange coneflower in a container and they will look stunning whether on your porch, balcony, window box or around a mailbox garden. 

Coneflowers, also known as echinacea, can take the heat, are low-maintenance and attract pollinators. Just be sure to deadhead to get more fire power from your blooms.


Campfire fireburst brings amazing orange color in the garden l The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Bidens

Vigorous bidens bloom and rebloom. With hot orange color with yellow undertones, these flowers are heat- and drought-tolerant and thrive in your landscape and in containers.

Pictured above, the ‘Campfire Fireburst’ bidens by Proven Winners is one such option that carries your garden or containers well into fall.


Daylily is heat hardy and lasts into falll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. Daylilies

Daylily rank among the most dependable flowers for the garden. Even in drought, they return healthy and happy. Although daylily blooms prefer at least six hours of sun each day, they’ll survive with less.

Besides looking great in a garden bed, daylily performs dependably as a container plant, too. 


Spicy orange flowers in containers l The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Calibrachoas

Put some spice in your containers with cascading calibrachoa. These small flowers like the sun but can survive in part-shade. Just trim them up if needed to encourage more flowers because calibrachoa will take you well into fall. Try Superbells Calibrachoa ‘Spicy Grande,’ pictured above.


Front door flowers l The Home Depot Garden Club

Don’t like monochromatic orange flowers? Try flower varieties that come with bi-color or multi-color interest such as yellows and reds to create a dramatic entryway, porch, deck or patio display. 

Choose varieties with offer blooms with several colors. You could also cluster several flower varieties together or in the same planter. 


Orange flowers in container gardens l The Home Depot Garden Club

Some other Orange flowers include:



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