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Warm Up the Garden with 4 Fall Flowers in Red

Renee Valdes
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Red celosia really pops in the garden.

Colorful flowers aren’t just for spring. You can also create drama in the garden in fall, especially with splashy shades of red.

As the weather begins to transition, bring in eye-catching and easygoing red flowers to spice up your home’s curb appeal.

Think planters teeming with scarlet hues, or window boxes filled with salsa-colored flowers. You could plant red flowers throughout your space that return year after year for time-saving scenes, or use bold crimson garden decor.

To get you thinking, check out these four popular choices for showy reds in the garden. 

Dragon's breath celosia really fires up fall.

1. Celosia. With a name like ‘Dragon’s Breath,’ this variety of celosia will certainly get you fired up for fall. This dazzling annual is so low-maintenance, you can just about ignore it and blooms will continue to bring vibrant color into your garden. It’s also drought-tolerant. 


Red coneflower blooms until frost.

2. Echinacea. Like its name, ‘Sombrero Salsa Red,’ this echinacea will definitely stand out in your containers or window boxes. It’s eye-popping color and velvety petals will even attract hungry butterflies. It’s a showstopper to be sure and a must for any space because of its resilience to heat and drought.


Red canna are heat survivors. They also bloom into fall.

3. Canna lilies. Fiery red canna lilies are a bold accent in any garden. They grow up to 5 feet. Their tropical-like beauty attracts gawkers and nectar-seeking hummingbirds. Cannas are hardy in zones 7 to 10. If you live north, you can always dig them up after the first frost and store them for winter. 


Mums in a container.

4. Mums. The moment the calendar leans toward fall in August, mums start showing up in stores. These are a perfect choice for bringing red into your space. With so many red color choices, why choose just one shade. Mums look as stunning on the porch steps as they do in hanging baskets or other planters


See Rock City is a popular choice for the birds.

You can carry out your red theme with other accents, such as a red birdhouse or planters, too.

There are also red shrubs, such as burning bush and American cranberry bush. Plant them in fall.

How about a freshly painted red front door? If you’re the DIY sort, there’s always a DIY planter ladder in red. Just add spilling greenery to mix things up.

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