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Presented by Vigoro

Vigoro is the total lawn care brand trusted by enthusiastic yard warriors since 1924. With all the products to create the neighborhood’s best lawn or garden, Vigoro offers value and peace of mind that you’ll get it done right the first time. Vigoro has everything you need for a beautiful lawn and garden – without the high cost. Those who know, know Vigoro!

The brand offers products in a broad range of categories including:

  • Soil
  • Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Plant Food
  • Live Goods/Plants
  • Decorative Rock & Mulch
  • Lawn Edging

Vigoro Organic Potting Mix & Garden Soil

Vigoro Organic Garden Soil

Vigoro organic soils and amendments contain natural ingredients for beautiful plants. The Potting Mix & Garden Soils feeds plants organically up to 3 months. The Potting Mix is specially blended for flowers, vegetables and herbs. It is the perfect organic blend for all pots and containers, indoors or out. The Garden Soil is specially blended for vegetables, herbs, perennials, and annuals. It is the perfect organic blend for all in ground flower and garden beds. Using Vigoro Organics is a safe and natural way to grow your vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Vigoro Certain Seed

Vigoro Certain Seed

Vigoro Certain Seed is mulch, seed and fertilizer all in one. This unique product makes it possible to grow a thick, beautiful lawn that is 50% thicker with half the water. The patented growing medium is formulated with seed and natural fertilizer. Vigoro Certain Seed is easy to use – simply prepare, apply and water.

Vigoro Plant Food

Vigoro All-Purpose Plant Food

Vigoro offers a broad line of plant foods. This line includes an All Purpose Plant Food, which covers all your garden and landscape needs. It promotes plant development, root development and stress resistance. Containing time-released nitrogen for extended feeding, Vigoro Garden Plant Food promotes vigorous growth and high yields. It helps prevent blossom-end rot and splitting and helps grow better fruits and vegetables, while promoting lush foliage and maximum blooms. This plant food is great for annuals, perennials, roses and other flowering plants.

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