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Vendor Spotlight: Bonnie Plants

Home Depot
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Bonnie Plants Display

If you didn’t know the name Bonnie Plants already, one trip to your local Home Depot Garden Center is all it takes to show you why they are a favorite of gardeners everywhere. Bonnie Plants grows more varieties of vegetable and herb seedlings than you can imagine, and The Home Depot carries 125 of them!

When they started way back in 1918, the folks at Bonnie Plants would grow their vegetable plants outdoors in fields. Since the early 1970s though, they’ve been growing their incredible plants in state of the art greenhouses. Here’s a video that shows you some of the innovative ways they grow some of the best plants in the business:

When you visit your local Home Depot Garden Center, you will find a selection of Bonnie Plants that are handpicked to grow perfectly in your region. This means that you can save big money on delicious, nutritious meals at home, all the while knowing everything that’s going into your family’s food.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started, Bonnie Plants are the perfect way to eat better, fresher, more local produce while enjoying some much-needed relaxing time outside.

All Bonnie Plants pots are made by the Jiffy company, so not only are they completely biodegradable, they are organic to boot! Just peel away the label and plant right in the pot! This prevents hundreds of millions of plastic pots from being discarded to the landfill.

And speaking of organic, if you are looking for organic veggies and herbs, we’ve got you covered. Choose from 15 organic seedling collections at and have them shipped right to your door! (Some restrictions apply)


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