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Give Your Garden a Fall Facelift. Mulch Now.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 1 hour

gardening tips by region - mulch now

Leafy greens and other fall crops will look even better when the rest of the garden gets a fall facelift.

Restore your garden’s good looks by cleaning up edges, composting spent plants, and treating veggie beds to a layer of mulch. A cushion of mulch prevents weeds, saves water and reduces compaction and erosion.

Give Your Vegetable Garden a Fall Facelift:  

  1. Pull old plants and weeds. Compost plants in a pile or compost bin. Discard weeds.
  2. Trim back weeds and grasses from the edge of the beds with a spade or edging tool.
  3. Break up and aerate compacted mulch with a spading fork.
  4. Cover with 2” of mulch such as chopped leaves or wood chips.
  5. Add a thick layer of wood chips around the base of raised beds to make mowing easier and reduce trimming.


Pine bark nuggets are a great choice of mulch for strawberries or other crops grown in raised beds through winter, or for fruits being grown in large containers.

To help you estimate how much mulch you need, visit our Mulch and Top Soil Calculator.

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