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Trim Your Yard and Get Free Fall Decor

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


A candleabra makes a great centerpiece made from wood right in your own backyard.

Presented by Fiskars

While gardens are still lush and full, it’s a great time to gather branches, pinecones and greenery for fall indoor decorations.

Trimmings of pine, cedar and other evergreens make pretty — and fragrant — material for tabletop decorations. Pruning now also helps tidy up the garden to protect it and your home from storms.

Cut down branches in your yard and then use them later as fall decor.

To remove small branches from trees, the Fiskars Power Tooth Softgrip pruning saw is ideal. This handy folding saw fits in your back pocket. The saw actually opens into two cutting positions.

First, fold it all the way around into a right angle to make an under-cut a few inches out from the trunk. Cut just an inch or so into the branch. This prevents the weight of the branch from tearing the bark down along the trunk when you make your larger cut down from the top.

Cleaning up branches now helps when storms hit later.

Next, open the saw so the blade is in line with the handle, and make your over-cut. The branch will break neatly away.

Last, cut the branch from the top, trimming it off just at the branch collar close to (but not flush with) the tree trunk.

When you trim cedar and other branches they can be used as part of your decor.

Trim smaller branches of cedar, holly and other evergreens for indoor decorations using the PowerGear2 pruner. The pruner’s titanium blade cuts sticky evergreen branches up to 3/4 inch in diameter without getting stuck. Gears do the hard work and the comfortable rotating handle is easy on your hands.

When you cut your branches down further the trimmings can be used as decor.

Once you finish pruning and trimming things back, instead of putting the branches out for yard-waste pickup, cut them into 10- to 15-inch lengths using your Power Tooth saw. Just picture a simple candelabra made out of small branches trimmed from a deciduous tree.

Trim away branches for indoor decor.

Set the branch sections on a table to see how they sit best and then drill shallow holes for tapered candles. Measure the base of the candles and use a drill bit of the corresponding size.

Pinecones in a pretty basket make a simple and great centerpiece.

Bristling pinecones seem to capture the essence of the fall season — they bring to mind the crackling of a warm fire, even if you don’t have a fireplace.

If the cones have not yet fallen, snip them off the branches with your PowerGear2 pruners.

The sharp blades of the pruners slip right into the spot where the pinecone meets the branch, giving you clean and precise cuts.

Fill a basket with pinecones, and add a few apples for contrasting color and texture.

Using natural trimmings right from your own yard makes your tabletop look beautiful.

Choose a basket that is in scale with your tabletop and cut a few short pieces of evergreen for small flowerpots, or simply set a pinecone in a small flowerpot.

The tablescape’s details are up to you, but play with the scale. For example, an LED pillar candle in a tall glass cylinder set atop clippings will set your decorations aglow.

These fall decorations are informal, and easy to put together. There are no rules to follow. Rummage in your potting shed for baskets and pots, buy a few candles, and head into the garden with your pruning saw and shears.

You’ll soon have all the material you need for a tabletop of festive décor.

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