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Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Home Depot
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Using a few tricks from professional landscape designers can fool the eye and mind into thinking your backyard is bigger than it is. You can take some lessons from painters and sculptors, too. Just step outside your back door and visualize your landscape as a canvas. Using vertical lines, they create perspective to add depth. You can, too.

Tricks to Make a Landscape Look Larger:

  • Try a visual trick Japanese gardeners have used for centuries. Place larger plants and objects closer and smaller ones farther away to create the illusion of distance.
  • Use vines or other climbing plants on trellises and arbors. Since our minds measure space vertically and horizontally, your garden will appear larger.
  • Grow tall, narrow evergreens such as cedar, juniper and arborvitae.
  • Plant columnar fruit trees. If you see the word “columnar” on a plant tag, it means narrow.
  • Try a spiral topiary in a container.
  • Incorporate garden art, statues or water features with straight, modern, vertical lines to make your landscape appear larger.
  • Plant a living wall that is taller than you are. Textured green spaces create vertical elements.
  • Build vertical fences and walls instead of horizontal. Japanese gardens use vertical-slat wood or bamboo fencing placed close together to make interior spaces look bigger. These also add privacy.

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