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Trick Or Treat: Try Our Garden Club Quiz!

Lynn Coulter
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How did you do on last week’s quiz? The answers were: 387; Kentucky Blue Grass; St. Augustine grass; Wimbledon, England; oxygen; and thatch. Bonus answers could include Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman; the movie, Splendor in the Grass; The Grass Harp, by Truman Capote; or The Grass Dancer, by Susan Powell.

Ready for a scavenger hunt? To answer this week’s questions, follow the links below. We’re taking you on a fast tour of the Halloween fun at Home Depot!


1.    Visit How To Give Your Neighbors The Creeps (With Halloween Décor) and fill in the blanks:   _____ and _______   “scream autumn while adding a little color to your front porch.”

2    Go back to the link in question 1 and look at the picture. Name at least 3 different kinds of Halloween inflatables or yard figures you see.

3   Black pansies make fun Halloween decorations. Read about how to use them here. Is this statement true or false? Most black flowers really are black.

4. Go to The Buzz Around Halloween Inflatables and tell us which one is your favorite. (There’s no right or wrong answer here–it’s a freebie question!)

5. Check out Plant Pansies In A Pumpkin: Fun Flowers For Fall. What are 2 things you can do with the seeds from a hollowed-out pumpkin?

6. What color are the pansies planted in the pumpkin in this story about Cool Wave pansies?

Happy Halloween!


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