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Trellis Organizer

Martha Stewart
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Like vines, gardening tools can easily become a tangled mess, or, worse still, lost. Organizing them on a wooden garden trellis makes them easy to find and easy to store. In a snap, your favorite tools will quickly be within your reach.


  • Premade, wooden garden trellis. Choose a size that will fit your needs and configure to the wall you want to hang it from.
  • Drill with 1/8th inch drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s pencil or marker
  • 1 ¼ inch No. 10 wood fasteners
  • Driver bit to drive wood fasteners
  • Assortment of ‘S’ hooks and clips for hanging tools


  • Measure from the floor up to find the height to hang the trellis from. Keeping the trellis at eye level makes it easy to hang tools.
  • At the top of every other vertical strip, drill a hole with a 1/8th inch bit.
  • Insert a wood fastener into drilled hole to attach the trellis to the wall.
  • Suspend tools from S hooks; try using paper clamps to hold items that can’t be hung directly from hooks.


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