Top 5 Perennials for Shade

Renee Valdes
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Hosta for your shade garden

If you want to grow perennials that will survive in the shade, consider these five easy-to-grow plants that will come back every year.



Hosta. This shade garden favorite with attractive leaves spreads easily and can be divided every few years.


Astilbe shade perennial

Astilbe. The stunning flower plumes bring great color to shady spots in your garden.


Heuchera perennial for shade

Heuchera. Also known as coral bells, this shady favorite sprouts dainty blooms that attract hummingbirds.



Hellebore. These deer-resistant, long-blooming flowers boast leathery, evergreen leaves.


Fern perennial for shade

Fern. This mainstay of the shade garden is very hardy and adapts to most garden situations.

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