Top 5 Perennials for Sun

Renee Valdes
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 Anemone perennial flowers

Planting a garden that gets four to six hours of sun a day? Consider these sun-loving perennials. Perennials come back year after year, they’re easy to take care of and spread easily, making them a great choice for low-maintenance gardening.


Anemone perennial for sun

Anemone. When you plant Anemone bulbs in fall, hardy, daisy-like flowers blossom in spring.


Coneflower perennial

Coneflower. These heat-loving flowers come in many colors and attract butterflies. 


Black eyed susan perennial for sun

Black-eyed Susan. These vibrant and classic summer flowers make great cut flower arrangements.


Ornamental grass perennial

Ornamental grass. Add sound, motion and texture to your garden with hardy ornamental grasses.


Canna lily perennial for sun

Canna lily. These flowers bring bold blooms and vibrant foliage, and love to soak up the sun.

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