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Healthy Lawns Start With a Thin Layer of Top Dressing

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours

Garden tips by region topdressing-wheelbarrow

Top dressing your lawn is an age-old practice on golf courses. You top dress the surface of an established lawn with compost or other material to enhance its health and beauty.

Here’s What Top Dressing Does for your Lawn:

  • It needs less water because the top dressing retains soil moisture, reduces surface evaporation and keeps the roots cool in the heat of summer.
  • The grass grows greener because the soil is fed with well-aged organic matter that enhances soil health.
  • Weed seeds don’t germinate because the topdressing blocks light.

Top Dress Your Lawn Step By Step:

  1. Mow your lawn first so grass blades won’t bend when you distribute your compost.
  2. Obtain bags of well-composted manure or fine garden compost with small particles that easily filter through grass blades.
  3. Use a fertilizer spreader or fling it with a shovel to distribute the compost 1/2” deep. 
  4. Option: Multitask by spreading seed or fertilizer on top of the compost.
  5. Hand rake the compost lightly with a leaf rake to help it settle through the grass.
  6. Water deeply to stimulate a new flush of growth.

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