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Tools to Fit Your Gardening Style

Emmaline Harvey
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Have you taken our quiz to determine which gardening style best suits you? See how you stack up with the profiles below.

No matter the size of your garden or your gardening style, it’s necessary to invest in quality tools so that your plants can flourish — and to make your gardening tasks easier.

Buy tools that are appropriate for the job, and keep in mind that a few more dollars up front will pay off in years of gardening use.

Urban Porch Garden - SS - 580x400


Your gardening style is Urban Gardener. You don’t have a lot of time or space to devote to exercising your green thumb, and you rely mostly on indoor container gardening, or limited porch or patio space. While you don’t require any heavy-duty tools, your plants will thrive if you’re careful not to overwater them and closely monitor their appearance.

  • A watering can that fits under your sink faucet and can reach high-hanging baskets is crucial as you may not have an outdoor faucet for a hose. If your outdoor plants get rain, monitor their water level by lightly pressing your finger into the soil every few days. Only water them if the soil is completely dry. All of your container plants (both indoor and outdoor) should have moist, but not thoroughly wet, soil.
  • A hand trowel will make the task of emptying out old flowers and soil from your containers infinitely easier.
  • Consider getting a vertical wall planter to maximize your garden space in a creative way. A garden cart or potting bench will help keep your gardening tools neat and tidy.

 Front Yard - SS - 560x400


Your gardening style is Weekend Warrior Gardener. You love your flower beds and container gardens, and are planning a small vegetable garden in the backyard. To keep up with your current gardening projects, invest in a garden fork, a cultivator, and a small garden shovel.

  • A garden fork does double duty. Sometimes called a digging fork, it’s an excellent tool for turning the soil and aerating it.
  • A cultivator such as the four-tined forged cultivator loosens soil and weeds. Look for solid piece construction that will last for years.
  • Plant in 1-gallon containers using a garden shovel. Look for solid handle construction and, if it’s important to you, ergonomic handles.

Dump Cart - THD - 560x400


Your gardening style is Daily Devoted Gardener. Your lawn and flower beds are the envy of the neighborhood. Your vegetable garden is brimming with produce. Your trees and shrubs are immaculate. You have a basic set of tools that have gotten you this far, now you need to invest in power garden tools.

  • When you work a garden larger than a ¼ acre, investing in a wheelbarrow or a dump cart to pull behind a tractor makes sense. Each will make the task of hauling mulch, bags of soil and new plants much easier.
  • Consider, too, investing in a chainsaw and chipper/shredder. Taking down trees and brush and processing through the chipper/shredder allows you to make your own mulch and to keep your landscape clean.

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