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TLC for Stunning Lilies

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner



Tall, dramatic and beautiful, lilies are the foundation of any flower garden. Plant early, mid- and late-season varieties to have blooms from the beginning to the end of summer.

Lilies may look like divas, but once planted, they require very little care. Ensure that next year’s display is as spectacular as this year’s by feeding them before they bloom and deadheading them after.

Deadhead and Fertilize Lilies for Beautiful Blooms:

  • For varieties that have not yet bloomed, sprinkle less than a teaspoon of granular fertilizer around each plant. Water it in, gently soaking the soil.
  • Around August, once the flowers fade and drop, snip the stem back to the first set of leaves. Don’t cut the stem or leaves completely off — the plant needs them to bloom next year.
  • Once stems and leaves on all lilies turn completely brown in late fall, cut them back to the ground. Do not compost lily stems or foliage; put them in the trash.


Mark where bulbs are planted to keep from accidently digging them up or stepping on them while doing other garden chores.

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