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Tips on Installing Security Lighting

Suzanne Oliver
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Shine on. With Daylight Saving Time in effect, November is prime time to purchase security lighting. Shorter days and darker nights make an unlit home a target for intruders. Plus you want to welcome visitors, making it easy to traverse pathways and stairs. Lighting is as much about convenience and showcasing your home as it is making it safe. A well-lit exterior gives the appearance that you’re home and gives predators nowhere to hide.

The best time to add lighting is when you’re first landscaping, but you can really add lights anytime. Here are a couple tips to consider when installing:

  • First sketch out your home and strategically place lights in dark patches. It’s a good idea to walk around your yard at night and shine a flashlight on pinpointed areas.
  • Options include single-, twin- or triple-head floodlights.
  • Consider placing lights under eaves, over garages, near doorways and along steps/walkways.
  • Place motion sensors and floodlights at least 9 feet above the ground to avoid being tampered with.
  • Direct lights in a downward position so as not to cause glare and blind passersby and neighbors.
  • For energy savings, consider LED and solar options (wireless) — fewer light bulbs to worry about changing.
  • A light with a photocell will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Range of detection measures the degree of coverage as well as the depth. (Ex.: 270 degrees up to 100 feet)
  • A combination of motion sensor, timed and floodlights will give you the best coverage.
  • Place a time-controlled light behind a window or sliding glass door. This will deter predators, making them think you’re home.
  • Test your motion sensors to make sure they work.
  • Homeowners can set the timers on motion-activated lights to stay lit however long they want. (Ex.: 1, 5 or 10 minutes)
  • Lights come prewired and with all the necessary hardware for mounting.

Check out the selling features of these suggested products:

Security LightingDefiant 180-Degree Outdoor Motion-Activated Solar-Powered White LED Security Floodlight

  • New and exclusive to Home Depot
  • 180-degrees and up to 70 feet detection
  • Solar-powered, so it can be installed anywhere with no wires
  • On/off switch for manual override
  • Energy savings up to 90 percent
  • Split design can be used as a twin- or single-head floodlight
  • Dusk to dawn sensor



Security Lighting 2Heath Zenith 150-Degree Shaker Cove Mission Lantern

  • 150-degrees and up to 30 feet detection
  • DualBrite technology provides soft accent lighting at dusk, then switches to full light when motion-activated



Security Lighting 3






Nightwatcher Security 220-Degree Outdoor Black Motorized Motion-Tracking Halogen Security Light with Wireless Indoor Audio Alarm

  • 220-degrees and up to 60 feet detection
  • Motorized light points in direction of detected motion
  • Motion and heat activated




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