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5 Tips for Decorating with Halloween Inflatables

Renee Valdes
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Dragons and other inflatables in your front yard ll The Home Depot Garden Club

If you’re a Halloween fanatic who prefers no foot of grass left untouched in your outdoor space, try quick and easy Halloween inflatables. 

Just hook up your Halloween inflatables to a power source and, voila! They self-inflate in seconds and you’ve got instant Halloween decor.

It’s that simple to decorate your outdoor space. For tight or small decorating spaces, smaller versions of Halloween inflatables make an excellent choice.


Inflatable dragon takes charge Halloween decor in your yard ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Many glow and feature moving parts, including Halloween inflatable dragons. At 9 feet tall, the dragon pictured above inflates in minutes and takes charge of the fright in your yard with its swirling and turning interior lights. 

Inflatables are durable enough to use year after year. Storing them is also a cinch because they take up little space in storage.

5 Tips for Decorating with Inflatables for Halloween:

  1. Measure your available space. Determine where each inflatable Halloween decoration will go and measure your available space. To keep your landscape from looking overcrowded, pick inflatables that will fit comfortably in the area without rubbing up against one another or altogether blocking the view.
  2. Choose placement carefully. Low-hanging branches can snag and potentially tear the fabric shell of an inflatable. As a stiff wind can sometimes cause an inflatable to totter, double-check that there is adequate clearance around the decoration, making sure there are no breakables or sharp objects nearby.
  3. Avoid kinks with this trick. To ensure smooth inflation, position the base of the inflatable where you want it to stand in your landscape, spreading the fabric flat on the ground before inflating to keep it from kinking or snagging while it fills with air. Tightly close any zippers, fasteners or vents to keep air from escaping while in use.
  4. Clear potential obstructions at the base. Most inflatables are equipped with an air intake at the bottom. This is basically a fan that forces air into the fabric shell, so it’s important to keep that intake clear of obstructions. Be careful to keep the decoration’s own fabric spread away from the intake side of the fan while inflating.
  5. Guard against wind. Once your piece is inflated, use any included tethers to stake it into position. Anchoring your decorations will help keep them in place in the event of strong winds or storms.

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