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Throw In Your Two Cents With Our Fountain Quiz

R. L. Rhodes
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Ready to match wits again? We’ve got a new quiz, and we’ll post the answer next Friday, so leave your guesses in the comments below. Play fair, and resist that urge to look up the answer on Google!

But first of all, congratulations to last week’s winner, Keith Sutton, who correctly guessed the birds pictured in our previous quiz. They were: the barred owl, the scarlet tanager, the flycatcher, and the downy woodpecker.

image by Smithfl via Wikimedia Commons

Buckingham Fountain.


Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain was designed to represent Lake Michigan with a statue for each of the states that border it — Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. What sea creatures do those statues represent?


A. Dolphins

B. Mermaids

C. Lobsters

D. Sea Horses

If dwelling on this Chicago landmark has got you pining for a water feature in your landscape, take a look at the Home Depot’s selection of fountains.


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