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Think Spring: Try Our Garden Club Quiz

Lynn Coulter
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Image by ivelle/Shutterstock

Crocuses, an early sign of spring, often poke their heads through the snow.


How did you do last week? The answers were: 1. moderate; 2. three to five; 3. true.

Spring officially arrives on March 20. Are you ready? Find out with our quiz.

1.  Complete this old saying: “No matter how long the winter, ____ is sure to follow.”

a. Baseball season

b. Tax Time

c. Spring

d. Good weather


2. The Japanese celebrate spring’s arrival when these appear:

a. Plum blossoms

b. Cherry blossoms

c. Apple blossoms

d. Narcissus blooms



3. Spring peepers are:

a. Baby birds

b. People who tour other people’s gardens

c. Small tree frogs

d. Concert flutists


Bonus points: fill in the blank in this line written by the Poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. In spring, a young man’s thoughts turn to _____.

a. baseball

b. love

c. a new riding mower

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