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The Neat Retreat: Hot Tubs And Outdoor Speakers

Suzanne Oliver
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Ahhh…there’s nothing like a little hydrotherapy to help you unwind after a long day. Add a hot tub to your back deck, and forget sharing space in that crowded gym. You may not realize it, but the movement of the heated water doesn’t just relax tired, tense muscles and relieve stress; it can also help improve flexibility and range of motion. The heat increases blood circulation, too, which is believed to help endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers, work faster to heal injured or strained joints and muscles. Change the settings on the jets to enjoy a gentle massage, or intensify the water pressure and direct it at an ache.  A jetted spa is restorative, but it’s also relaxing enough to help you sleep better at night.

While you picture yourself leaning back in the clear, refreshing water, don’t forget that hot tubs are great for entertaining, too. Invite friends over for a meal and a dip; you can host a hot tub to-do in the sunshine or under moonlight. If a crowd isn’t your thing, plan a romantic evening with one special someone. Add outdoor speakers, and you can set the mood with smooth jazz, Top 40 tunes, or soothing classical favorites. Read on; we’ve got the ideas you need for the perfect gathering.


Tips For Hot Tub Entertaining:

  • Keep extra towels at hand, for guests that forget to bring them. A spare bathing suit or two can also be handy.
  • Serve a light meal, if lounging in the tub is going to be the main event. Soaking in hot water isn’t a great finish to a big meal. Or go ahead and plan a hearty meal, but schedule a little time for other activities before you hit the water.
  • Offer a variety of nibbles and snacks that guests can enjoy as they soak.
  • Provide an assortment of beverages, including sparkling waters and other non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Vary your playlist. Lively music can set the tone when guests arrive, but as things wind down, you may want to switch to something softer. A recording of sounds from nature is a nice option.
  • As evening falls, dim the outside lights and bring out the candles. Use soft lights along pathways and in garden beds to help guests see where they’re going.
  • Keep outdoor mats near doorways, so guests who go in and out of the house won’t leave puddles that might cause falls.

Before you go shopping for a hot tub, think about the features you want. How many people will use the tub? Also consider how many jets you’ll need (that number that will depend on whether you want gently swirling water, a powerful massage, or a range of options). Other features include cascading waterfalls, LED lighting in a rainbow of colors, and even a built-in sound system complete with an iPod/MP3 ready stereo, marine-grade speakers, and a remote control.

Want wireless speakers that aren’t attached to your jetted spa or hot tub, so you can use them in other spots around your yard?

TIC 5 Watt Wireless Outdoor Rock Speakers are designed to look like rocks in the landscape, and deliver your music unobtrusively. Arrange them in your beds and borders, and let music drift around your gathering.

If you’d rather get your speakers off the ground and out of any foot traffic, try the Pyle 3.5 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof On-Wall Speakers. They’re small but powerful, delivering up to 300 Watts of sound, and offer versatile mounting options.

With so many options for entertaining in and around a hot tub, you may need help deciding which features you want. If you’re not sure, come by your local Home Depot store and let one of our experienced associates show you your options. Then your only problem will be keeping your friends and neighbors away when you want your tub to yourself!

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