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Terrifying Topiary

Martha Stewart
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Martha Terrifying Topiary Topiary, the art of creating sculptures using clipped trees and shrubs, is an old art form seen even in the tomb paintings of early Egyptians.

Tools and Materials
Drill and drill bits
Four 1 1/4-inch wood screws for arms and four 3 1/2-inch wood screws for head spikes
Eight 1-inch L-brackets
Two 2-by-4s for torso, base, and top
Two 1-by-2s for arms
Sheet moss
Spanish moss
Western cedar
1 paddle 22-gauge green floral wire
Floral pins
Carved pumpkin head

1. Saw a 2-by-4 into an 18-inch piece; this is the torso.

2. Using a drill, attach torso to top and bottom pieces. The top piece should have 3 1/2-inch wood screws sticking out to spike pumpkin head on at end.

3. Use the two 1-by-2s for arms: Using a drill, center arms and attach on torso at the top.

4. Place wood frame in urn.

5. Place rocks in urn to secure in place.

6. Wrap sheet moss around the frame and secure with floral wire.

7. Attach sprigs of western cedar.

8. Drape Spanish moss on the frame.

9. Attach carved pumpkin head.

Care Tips: To keep fresh, spray with water daily. The greenery will retain color as it dries and will last for at least a month.

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