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Surprise Mom with a Mother’s Day Dish Garden

R. L. Rhodes
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Mother’s Day is closing in, and that means flowers. If you’re looking for a gift that blends tradition with personality, consider presenting a mother close to your heart with a heart-warming dish garden.

Flowers in a decorative dish garden

A dish garden is more than just a flower arrangement. Whereas flower arrangements aspire only to beauty, the dish garden’s goal is to assemble a variety of plants that, like a harmonious household, will thrive in the same container. Look for plants that not only complement one another aesthetically, but that also have similar light, space and water needs. That way, no one plant will grow at the expense of others. If you need help deciding on varieties, take a spin through our Plant Search.


  • Look for a container that reflects her personality. Home Depot offers a wide variety of vases, pots and planters. Be creative; sometimes, the right dish may not be a dish at all. (And since we know you’re wondering, the dish pictured above is from Norcal Pottery.)
  • If you choose a container with a deep base, plan on filling the bottom with potting soil. With a shallower dish, the soil each flower was sold in may suffice to fill the dish.
  • Take a look at the broad range of flower options available at the Home Depot, and use the store finder to discover what plants are available at your local Home Depot.
  • Plan for the future. Young plants may continue to grow in their new home, so don’t overcrowd them.
  • To give each plant in her dish garden equal opportunity to shine, start with the tallest plant in the center of the dish, then work your way out in concentric rings with the smaller plants.
  • Don’t worry about making the arrangement look perfectly symmetrical—our idiosyncrasies are what make us who we are.

Are flowers not your mother’s passion? We have more Mother’s Day gift ideas. For even more, browse the Home Depot Gift Center.

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