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Pick Your Perfect Summer Container Garden Plants

Michael Nolan
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Container gardening is a fast way to bring lush, vibrant color and texture to your outdoor living space whether you have the room to garden in the traditional way or not. One of the best parts about planting in containers is just how easy it can be to change the look and feel whenever you like. When the heat of summer starts to take hold, it is a great time to take a look at your container gardens and start thinking about giving them a summer makeover.

Deciding on the perfect summer container garden recipe before you plant makes it possible to get the look you want quickly, leaving plenty of time for entertaining or simply relaxing and enjoying your summer. The Thriller, Filler, Spiller recipe works well, but you can just as easily refresh your summer containers by visualizing a rough triangle shape.

To start, take a look at where your container will live. Will it be against a wall or other structure, or will it be viewable from more than one angle?

  • If it will be visible from only one angle, keep the taller plants and flowers toward the rear of the container.
  • If it will be visible from more than one angle, place the taller plants and flowers in the center of the container.

With the tall focal point in place, you can then fill the remaining space with thick-growing plants to add depth and dimension. Then, to add the perfect finishing touch, add a trailing plant to soften the edges of your summer container and draw the eye from top to bottom.

When it comes to choosing the right plants for your summer container garden, look no further than your local Home Depot Garden Center. All of the plant selections you will find there have been handpicked by professionals in your area and will grow perfectly where you live.

For plant suggestions in your region, choose from these options:

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