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Spring Lawncare in the Southwest

R. L. Rhodes
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There’s no point in kidding ourselves about it: maintaining a healthy turfgrass lawn takes work. The climate of the Southwest makes that work even trickier by extending the growing season. You need to be the first out of the gates when it comes to lawn care, and if you haven’t already started this year, there’s no more time to delay.

Weed control

With temperatures rising, weeds are already looking to secure a foothold on your lawn. Now’s the time to apply a weed control solution, like Ortho Weed-B-Gon, wherever you find weeds encroaching on your lawn.

Pest control

Because of the longer warm seasons, the Southwest is one of the first regions in the nation to have to deal with lawn pests each year. Many insects lay eggs or begin hatching this time of year, so keep a careful eye out for insect larvae in your yard. Mowing with a bagging attachment can help scoop grass-borne eggs out of your yard. Many in the Southwest prefer to treat lawn pests with an organic pest control solution, like EcoSmart Insect Killer.


The high temperatures and recurring droughts put a premium on irrigation, so check your system now for maximum efficiency.

(Not sure if the Southwest is the right zone for you? See our zone map for more.)

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