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Spring Garden Flowers in Glass Compote

Martha Stewart
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Even short stems stand tall when placed in a lofty glass compote. Here, brilliant violet Muscari latifolium and tight blooms of Ranunculus get a boost in a lush, dense display.


Floral tape is the secret to the arrangement’s structure: Taping stems in bundles produces an interesting, angular effect in the water while a grid of tape across the mouth of the dish keeps everything in place.


  • Glass compote
Floral tape
Floral knife
Ranunculus and muscari

  • Floral shears


Place 3 evenly spaced lengths of tape across the opening of the compote, then another 3 perpendicular to those to create a grid. Run tape around the edge to secure.
  2. Cut out the grid’s center with floral knife. Fill the compote halfway with water. Using the container’s depth as a guide, cut the flowers’ stems at an angle with floral shears.
  3. Arrange bundles of up to 12 muscari and 12 ranunculus; tape the stems together below blooms. Place the bundles in the grid, 1 per small opening; mass several in the center.

Check the water level daily; if it falls, replenish using a watering can with a narrow spout. Arrangement should last 7 to 10 days if kept away from direct light and heat sources.

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