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Spring Cleaning Your Patio

R. L. Rhodes
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A brick patio with end table and chaise lounge.

With the weather turning warmer, you might well be dreaming of afternoons spent lounging on the patio. Over the winter, though, patio surfaces can collect grime and stains, wrecking your peace of mind come springtime. The tips below can help restore your serenity by giving you a pristine patio surface for the coming season.

  • Every artist needs a canvas. Start by moving the furniture from the patio, then give the exposed surface a thorough sweeping.
  • Particularly with brick or wood surfaces, you’ll want to rid your patio of any weeds that have worked their way into the narrow spaces. Wearing a pair of durable garden gloves, pull out the weed. If you can get at the roots with a spade, that will help ensure that it doesn’t spring right back. If the base of the plant is inaccessible, a weed killer will serve as well.
  • If your patio is covered with tile, check with the manufacturer to determine whether it needs a special cleaner. Most other outdoor flooring surfaces can be scrubbed clean with a stiff-bristled broom and a solution of diluted bleach. Rinse the surface clean with water when you’re done. For concrete surfaces, you can pressure wash as you would a driveway.
  • Check outdoor cushions, furniture covers and any nearby trash cans. If you spot any mildew, give them a thorough cleaning with a mildew remover.
  • Tidy up your furniture before moving it back onto your newly cleaned patio. Spray surfaces with an outdoor spray like Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro and wipe away grease and grime using a durable paper towel like Bounty Duratowel. Tougher grime may call for a novel solution like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro, which loosens grime so you can wash it away with water.

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