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Don’t Let Moss Slip You Up. Spray Today and Walk Away.

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


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When conditions are moist and shady, moss will grow. The plant has few roots and can live on virtually any surface. Shade causes grass to thin out, and moss moves in.

Moss also grows on paving, ruining its beauty and degrading mortar joints. Mossy pavement is slippery, so control is a safety issue as well.

Liquid moss-killing products are easy to apply, turning moss black within a few hours. To ensure moss doesn’t return, follow the instructions to the letter. For high-end stone work, avoid products that contain ferrous sulphate, which can stain the stone.


  1. Apply product on a calm day early in the season when moss is actively growing.
  2. Select a product that offers direct hook-up to the garden hose for easy application without mixing.
  3. Apply product evenly over paving and/or lawn so it thoroughly saturates the moss.
  4. Check to ensure moss is turning brown or black. This indicates the product is working.
  5. Store product out of reach of children.


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