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Clean Cracks and Crevices. Spot Treat Weeds Today.

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Difficulty: Beginner

Garden tips by region pavers-weeds

No matter how well patios, driveways and other hardscapes might be installed, they require basic upkeep to look their best. Maintenance keeps paving in prime condition; lack of maintenance allows paving to deteriorate.

One important step is weed control. Weeds are simply unwanted plants, and there are few places more unwanted than your walkway before a Memorial Day picnic. Fortunately, you can easily control them with an herbicide that kills right down to the roots. 

Control Weeds in Minutes:

  1. Choose a calm day for the application so the spray won’t drift onto unwanted areas.
  2. Wear rubber gloves and long sleeves.
  3. Prepare the product as indicated by the instructions on the container.
  4. Directly spray each weed so plenty of material lands on the leaves. 
  5. Do not water or hose off paving for 24 hours or you will dilute the herbicide. Keep pets and kids away from the space for up to 3 days.
  6. Once the weeds turn brown, they are dead. Use a claw or a kitchen knife to scrape out the remnants so the joint looks clean again.
  7. If weeds return, repeat the process.

Product Checklist:

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