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Sowing Seeds Indoors

Martha Stewart
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Step 1

Fill a clean tray with an organic soil-free seed-starting mix that has been moistened with water. I prefer a mix that’s one part milled peat moss and one part vermiculite, with some perlite. Make shallow indentations using a long side of a ruler or a paint-mixing stick. This keeps the rows straight and neat. The depth depends on the type of seeds; follow the directions on the seed packet.

Step 2

Place the individual seeds at the proper distance apart in their rows, following the directions on the packet.


Step 3

Using the ruler or stick, carefully cover the seeds with planting material. Press the soil down lightly.

Step 4

Using a watering can with a fine rose, give the trays a gentle soak, but do not over-water. Place the seed trays in a warm location, such as on a waterproof heating mat used for germination or on top of your refrigerator. When sprouts appear, move the seed trays to a sunny window or under a grow light so they will become strong and green.

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