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Sow Old-Fashioned Sweet Peas

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Sow old fashioned sweet peas

Sweet peas are old-fashioned annual vines that are enjoying new popularity. They range in color and provide sweet fragrances. New varieties are more compact and better flowering.

Growing from seed is easy and rewarding, and an inexpensive way to make more plants. Seeds sown in the late summer and early fall will give you flowers in winter and early spring. The vines need to be trained on a trellis or other support.

Sow Seeds of Sweet Peas Now for Blooms Later:

  1. Nick the seeds with a nail clipper to break the outer coat. This helps germination by allowing water to absorb more quickly.
  2. Select an area that drains well with full sun. Weed the area and rake smooth.
  3. Sow seeds according to the package instructions.
  4. Cover lightly with soil.
  5. Water with a light mist after planting.
  6. Water the seedbed daily, keeping it moist, until seeds have germinated. Then water every other day.
  7. Thin plants growing too closely together and remove weeds regularly.
  8. Cover seeds or seedlings with row covers or burlap to keep them from washing away or being flattened from hard rain. Shade cloth protects tiny seedlings if the sun gets too harsh.

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