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Soak Up Savings: Water Wisely

Home Depot
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Water Wisely | The Home Depot's Garden Club

One of the best ways to ensure garden success is to water correctly.

While watering seems like a basic garden task, improper watering is common and can lead to unhealthy plants as well as water waste.

Keep your garden healthy, robust and thriving month after month with these easy watering tips.

Watering Tips for Healthy Gardens:

  1. Water early in the morning to avoid excessive evaporation.
  2. Minimize water on foliage, which can cause diseases like powdery mildew or sunburn spots.
  3. Water deeply to encourage strong root systems. Aim for a weekly soaking rather than daily sprinkling.
  4. Use a hose-end watering nozzle with different spray patterns to adjust your watering for particular plants. The soaker option is a good one for plants that need a slow drip, while the rainspray option is a good all-round watering pattern for most plants.
  5. Install a timer and rain sensor on your automatic irrigation system.
  6. Use glazed pottery rather than terra cotta, which absorbs water from the soil faster.
  7. Collect valuable, nutrient-rich rainwater and reuse in your garden.
  8. Group plants with similar watering needs together. Plant agaves with other drought-tolerant varieties, and plant water lovers such as impatiens with tropicals.
  9. Plant native and water-wise varieties.


Wilting leaves do not always indicate a need to water. Wilting or slight drooping is a plant’s natural response to heat, much like a dog’s panting. If you notice wilting one afternoon and the plant is still drooping the next morning, go ahead and water.

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