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Small but Sweet: DIY Strawberry Tower

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours


DIY strawberry tower l The Home Depot Garden Club

It’s no secret that the best strawberries come from your own garden. Taking that first bite of a homegrown strawberry is one of the best parts of summer.

Though you might think you need a lot of space to grow a sizable strawberry crop, you can actually produce a ton of fruit in a small space by growing upward.

Build this easy strawberry tower and grow a dozen strawberry plants in just a few square feet on your deck or patio.


Strawberry Tower

DIY strawberry tower

Step 1: Stack the planters

The pots and soil will be heavy, so assemble at or near a sunny spot where you plan to keep the tower.

Place the 10-inch pot upside-down inside the 16-inch pot, and place the 12-inch pot on top of the 10-inch pot, right-side up. Then place the 6-inch pot upside-down inside the 12-inch pot, and place the 8-inch pot on top of the 6-inch pot, right-side up.


DIY strawberry tower l The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 2: Add a stake

If your planter is on the ground, press a garden stake through the holes in all five pots and into the ground, until it’s just below the rim of the top pot. If using a saucer, press the stake down to the bottom pot until you hit the saucer.


DIY strawberry tower

Step 3: Add soil

Add potting soil to each container until the pots are about ¾ full.



DIY strawberry tower

Step 4: Plant

Place strawberry plants in the soil, and fill in around them with more potting mix. Depending on the size of your strawberry plants, you’ll want to plant 4 to 6 inches apart in the bottom level, 4 to 5 inches apart in the middle level, and 3 to 4 inches apart in the top level. Water plants well.


Wrap copper foil tape around the bottom of the tower to help keep slugs away from your strawberry harvest.


DIY strawberry tower


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