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Fit Some Green Into Your Small Patio

R. L. Rhodes
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Envirotile Patio and Flower Containers | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Especially during the spring and summer, a patio can be a welcome extension of your home into nature. Depending on the design of your patio or the situation of your home, though, you may find yourself getting less of the outdoors than you’d like. With some clever remodeling, even a small patio in the midst of a big city can be a great deal more green.

When you’re looking for opportunities to garden on an existing patio, the best answer is often container gardening. While the mobility of containers makes them a flexible option for adding plants to a small space, it can be hard to match containers to your existing decor. That can make achieving a modern, integrated effect tricky.

It may be too late to build planters directly into your patio, but with the right materials you can create the same unified look. The trick is to choose a tile that’s flexible and easy to work, like Envirotile. Envirotile increases the green value of your patio because it is made from reclaimed and recycled materials. By resurfacing the exterior of your gardening containers with the same material, you can build the illusion that the containers are built directly into the surface of your patio.

Be sure to choose a container with flat surfaces, and one that lies flat on the floor of your patio. Our patio recovering project will give you instructions for installing Envirotile.

To complete the effect, you’ll need to cut a few Envirotiles to fit the exterior surfaces of your planter. Measure off the cuts precisely so that the lower edge is flush with the bottom of the planter, and the upper edge is flush with the lip. Use a silicon rubber adhesive to attach the cut tiles to the surface of the planter. Once dried, position the planter to align with the seams of your patio tiles.

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