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Skip in Your Step: DIY Garden Path

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1-2 days


DIY garden path.

A path takes you places, defines spaces and leads the eye around the garden. 

Create easy and inexpensive cement stepping stones for a DIY garden path. Take inspiration from nature by stamping leaves in the cement.

For a more impactful effect, choose big leaves with thick veins for deeper grooves. 

Create a concrete path:

Leaf path DIY project.

1. Set up mixing area. Lay out cardboard, paper or a tarp to work on. Spread a 1/2″ thick layer of sand, roughly the size of your leaf.


DIY leaf concrete path.

2. Place leaf. Place leaf over the sand with veins facing up. Cover leaf with plastic wrap so you can reuse it for more stepping stones. Use multiple leaves at the same time to get the job done even faster.


DIY concrete leaf path

3. Mix and place cement. Mix cement according to instructions, preferably in a bucket using a trowel. Cover the leaf with roughly 1 1/2” of cement. Make a deep imprint by pressing cement into the veins and around the edges of the leaf.


DIY concrete leaf path.

4. Leave it. Give the cement at least 24 hours to dry before moving it. Once dry, repeat these steps however many times you desire to create your dream pathway.

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