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Shopping in the Garden: DIY Garden Tote

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2-4 hours


DIY garden tote for harvesting veggies ll The Home Depot Garden Club

With a successful growing season, harvesting in the garden can often leave you with your hands full.

Solve this problem by building a garden tote. You can even rinse the dirt off of your crops right in the tote. Or, use it to carry your gloves, trowel, and other gardening tools.

Build one for yourself or give as a gift. All you need are some basic woodworking skills.

Make a Garden Tote


For the DIY garden tote, cut the wood ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 1: Cut the wood

From the 3/4-inch x 8 inch x 8 foot appearance board, cut two 8-inch pieces.
From the ¾-inch x 2-inch board, cut two 12-inch pieces and two 16-inch pieces.
From the ¾-inch dowel, cut one 17 ½-inch piece.


For the DIY garden tote, trace a rectangular notch ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 2: Shape ends

Trace around a container or jar to create two rounded corners on the 8-inch boards. Trace a piece of the ¾-inch x 2 inch board at the opposite corners to create a rectangular notch.

With the markings face up, clamp the two 8-inch pieces together. Cut the corners with a jigsaw to create two end pieces with both notched and rounded corners.

Sand rounded corners.


Staple hardware cloth for your DIY garden tote ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 3: Add hardware cloth

With wire cutters, cut a 16-inch x 20-inch piece of ½-inch hardware cloth. Snip the edges flush so they won’t scratch you later. Staple the 16-inch edges of the cloth to the side of the 16-inch piece of wood with 5/16-inch staples.


Attach sides of your DIY garden tote ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 4: Attach sides

Place the 16-inch pieces in the notches on the ends, using a ⅛-inch drill bit, attach with 1 ¼-inch screws on each corner.


For your DIY garden tote, drill holes ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 5: Drill holes for handle

Clamp the two 12-inch pieces of wood together, and drill ¾-inch holes about 1-inch from one end for the handle.


Glue the handle of your DIY garden tote ll The Home Depot Garden Club


Step 6: Add handle

Place wood glue in the hole in one 12-inch piece, and push the dowel in until the end is flush with the wood. Repeat for the opposite end of the dowel and the other 12-inch piece.


Attach handles to your DIY garden tote ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Step 7: Attach handle

Attach the dowel handle to the body of the tote with two 1 ¼-inch screws through the 12-inch pieces holding the dowel. Drill holes before attaching.


Stain or paint the wood before assembling to personalize and preserve your garden tote.

Materials needed for the DIY garden tote ll The Home Depot Garden Club
Tools and materials:

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