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Shade Plant Basics

Michael Nolan
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Shade plants are those that will thrive in the least sun-drenched areas of your landscape. While shade garden growing is a challenge faced by many gardeners across the country, it doesn’t have to leave you frustrated if you know how to choose the right plants for those areas.

Shade Garden


Perennial Shade Plants

Once you have established the boundaries of your shade garden and start the process of choosing shade plants, you should treat this area just as you would any other planting bed in your landscape. By starting with a few perennial shade plants, you will create a foundation that will come back year after year more lush and beautiful than the year before.

A few of the less obvious perennial shade plant options include:

Annual Shade Plants

Add seasonal interest to your shade garden with annuals. Unexpected colors and shapes from plants like sweet potato vine and oxalis add whimsy and keep things fresh and new. Annual shade plants will last through the season, giving you the opportunity to change things up without the need to replant the entire area.

Here are some annual shade plant options that may work in your landscape:

 Image: Shutterstock / Helen Shorey

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