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Rose Dome Arrangement

Martha Stewart
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MSL-rose-bowl-arrangement-225x281Stiff long-stemmed roses can seem as generic as a drugstore valentine. But a few flourishes transform the cliché. The impromptu charm of a variegated rose (here, white-and-pink ‘Henri Matisse’) highlights the intensity of its crimson companions.

For an informal profusion of blooms, cut the stems short and at staggered lengths. Another good trick (for this and many other arrangements): Let flowers and foliage gently hang over the edge of the container. This eliminates the dividing line between vase and arrangement, resulting in a softer look.

A plastic-wrap liner protects the container from scratches and stains. Shallow vessels such as this bowl require a frog to hold stems upright and let the flowers spread out evenly. We used about two dozen roses.

Tools and Materials

  • Two dozen roses
  • Plastic wrap
  • Floral cutters
  • Shallow container
  • Flower frog
  • Flower adhesive

Rose Dome Arrangement How-To

  1. Line a container with plastic wrap. Using floral adhesive, secure frog in container. Measure and make note of distance from center of frog to rim of container.
  2. Fill container two-thirds full with tepid water. Add a packet of flower food.
  3. Cut stems of 3 or 4 red roses slightly longer than frog-to-rim distance. Remove foliage from parts of rose stems that will stand below water level. Insert stems along perimeter of frog.
  4. Cut 3 or 4 more red-rose stems to same or longer measurement, and insert at center of frog.
  5. Cut remaining roses, varying stem lengths as desired, and fill in arrangement, creating a loose dome.
  6. Retrim stems of any flowers that project too far.

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