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How to Rid Your Yard of Fire Ants and Other Biting Insects

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


Get rid of fire ants in your space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Red fire ants with their painful bites can make your lawn unsafe for kids and pets. These ants can also destroy the beauty of your lawn with their mounding nests.

The best way to control fire ants is to never let them gain a foothold. To get rid of them completely, you need to use a two-step process of bait and spray.

Fire ants forage in humid and calm weather when soil temperatures are between 70 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. To test for fire ants, place a small pile of bait in the area and wait 20 minutes. If ants are feeding on the bait when you return, conditions are perfect. Spread 1 to 2½ pounds of bait per acre.

If conditions aren’t right or ants aren’t present, use a broadcast pesticide. These require much more product, 20 pounds per acre, but prevent new infestations for up to a year.


Fire ants


  1. Test. First, test for fire ants.
  2. Calculate. Determine how much bait you’ll need to treat your entire lawn based on size and delivery rate per square foot listed on the package label. 
  3. Broadcast. Wear gardening gloves and hand broadcast evenly over the entire lawn.
  4. Watch. After 2 to 6 weeks, you’ll see your bait reach its full effect. 


  1. Choose. Choose a granular or liquid spray product designated for fire ant control in lawns for your region.
  2. Measure. Measure your lawn to calculate how much pesticide you’ll need.
  3. Prepare. Wear a face mask and rubber gloves during preparation, application and clean up.
  4. Apply. When your lawn is dry and no rain is forecast for a few days, apply the bait. Use granular pesticide with your fertilizer spreader set to the proper delivery rate designated by the label.
  5. Water. Water heavily to activate the product, but do not allow water to run off into other areas.
  6. Wait. Keep kids and pets off the lawn until your lawn or grass has dried.


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