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Repetition Matters in the Landscape

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2-4 hours



Repetition adds to good overall design in the landscape. It produces symmetry and balance by duplicating design elements like form, texture and color. Plus, repetition helps the visitor’s eye navigate the space within the garden’s parameters. 

Think of everything within the landscape’s borders as part of an outdoor room — much like furniture within a room of your home. Although you may want to collect every plant you admire, the garden is more cohesive if you are judicious with your choices.

How to Create Repetition in the Landscape:

  • Repeat the same plant throughout your landscape to create a ribbon of color.
  • Or instead of the same plant, repeat a similar shape or texture. Because green foliage is the primary garden element, use different leaf textures to create different moods. Variegated or two-toned plants can bring contrast to a space.
  • Repeat rounded shapes like begonias, impatiens or shrubs, and vertical shapes such as digitalis, lilies and trees.
  • Pick plants that bloom in different seasons to create continuous color in one spot.
  • Pick one color theme for each season. Asters are perfect in fall because they bloom in shades of purple or blue and have similar daisy-like flower shapes.
  • Repeat garden art and vertical elements such as arbors, trellises or obelisks to unify the space.

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