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Got Weeds? Renovate Now for a Golf Course Look.

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: Weekend+

garden tips by region - golf course lawn

Lush lawns are the envy of the neighborhood. Over time, drought or lack of attention can leave lawns full of weeds and bare spots. If your lawn looks bad, it’s time to renovate.  

How to Renovate a Lawn:

  1. Cut the lawn as short as possible without digging the blade into the ground.  
  2. Spray problem areas with a broad-spectrum herbicide.  
  3. Apply starter fertilizer and pelleted lime with a broadcast spreader set to the recommended level. Apply half the product in an up/down pattern and half in a right/left pattern for even coverage.  
  4. Water well or do this right before a rain.  
  5. Wait two weeks to till soil and sow seeds because broad-spectrum herbicide kills new grass.
  6. Till the ground 4-6” deep and rake smooth. In sandy or clay soil, spread 1” of compost.
  7. Ask your Garden Center associate for help choosing the right grass seed.
  8. Sow grass seed with a broadcast spreader set to the recommended level. Apply the seed in half an up/down and half a right/left pattern for even coverage.
  9. Compress seed into soil with a water-filled roller.
  10. Lightly spread straw, not hay, to keep seeds from being washed away. Apply heavily on slopes.  
  11. Water by hand or with a sprinkler 15 minutes daily to keep soil moist — but not soggy — until seeds germinate in 7-10 days. Then water twice a week until lawn is mowing height.  

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