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About the N. CA & Inland Valleys Region

The Pacific Northwest of Oregon, Washington and part of Northern California, has a varied climate, from wet and cool along the coast to dry and hot in the high plains. Inland climates can be drier with more harsh winters and hotter summers. Summer temperatures average 82°F on the coast to 95°F inland east of the mountains. Winters are cold enough to trigger good fruit set. Warm summers and chilly winters make the Pacific Northwest one of the West’s best-known growing areas for berries, hazelnuts, roses, flowering fruit trees, and broadleaf evergreens. The Coast Mountain Range buffers the impact of Pacific storms, while the coastal areas enjoy a maritime climate with a long growing season and 40 to 55 inches of annual precipitation in most places. Partly due to heavy rainfall, high pH (acidic) soils are common. Black clay may be found in Oregon and soils get rockier higher up in the Cascades, in which case you’ll have to add a considerable amount of organic material like topsoil and compost before much of anything will grow.


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