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Refresh Roses for a Second Blush

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 1 hour



From vigorous Knock Out® roses to vase-worthy hybrid teas, many roses put on a beautiful fall show with proper encouragement.

New buds and blooms are produced on new branches, so your summer care plan should revolve around promoting a last flush of vigorous growth.

Promptness counts, because roses that are revived in fall are easily injured by winter cold.

Make Roses Rebloom in Fall:

  1. Prune branches that have bloomed and those that show leaf spots or discolored patches on the stems. Cut branches at a 45 degree angle above where several new leaves have sprouted. Top tall new canes so they are slightly shorter than the normal height of the plant. When you are finished pruning, the bush should be about one-third smaller.
  2. Rake mulch away from the root zone. Sprinkle a dry rose fertilizer over the soil’s surface, using the amount listed on the product’s label. Replace mulch with a fresh, 2” deep layer of pine needles or hardwood chips.
  3. Water at the roots. You can wash down plants on a dry, breezy day, but it’s important that rose foliage dries before evening. Wet foliage increases the risk of disease.
  4. Feed roses a week after pruning with a liquid fertilizer to supplement the slow-release fertilizer. Mix the liquid plant food according to label directions, and apply to the plants’ leaves, stems and root area in the morning on a cloudy day. If conditions have been dry, water plants the day before you fertilize them.

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